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Pintroduction to Pinterest Place Pins

Mar 17, 2014

The great thing about technology is that it is always evolving. Social media is a great example of this as we look at one very female heavy network platform, Pinterest, you may have heard of it.

One of the latest added features on Pinterest is the ability to 'Place Pins', which is a fantastic way to plan a trip (especially since you can add your friends to add pins too!). Place Pins can also be used strategically as part of your social media plan, especially effective for those within the tourism industry.

So as I write this blog, I am creating my very first board with Place Pins just to show how simple it is. You can check out my creation on the Niagara Wine Festivals Pinterest page.

1. To begin, create a board as usual.

2. On the 'Create a Board' popup you will see the option to 'Add a map?', and then you've got a board that is all set to be mapped (you can also add a map to an existing board!).

3. To add places, just click on 'Add a Place', wow, does that ever make sense? You can now enter the name of places from all over the world and even upload your own photo (or pick a photo already uploaded by a Foursquare user) and voila! A pin will be placed on the map for that location. It helps to zoom in if you are focussing on just one country or city, just make sure all of the places you want to pin are visible on the map as you search for them. Check out my Board to see how it looks when finito!

As this feature is powered by a third party application, the location you want to add must be previously inputted into Foursquare. If you have trouble finding some places I found it helpful to go on the Foursquare App or Website and use their search function to find your place.

Enjoy and Happy Travelling!

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