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Music in the Office

Jan 30, 2014

Here at Chimp HQ, we love our SiriusXM satellite radio! Especially when there is no clients in the office, that's when we turn it up a few notches above the normal background noise level.

Most days begin with The Coffee House, or some hair metal on '80's on 8 (Chimp Di's favourite). Sometimes a Grooveshark playlist courtesy of Chimp Jenny does the trick. Most of us are good with whatever is on as it drowns out the sound of the fan in Chris' computer preparing for takeoff.

The day we discovered Pop2K, well that was a good day! Let me preface this by stating that the majority of the Chimps were born in the late 80's and so our high school years, the years of making mistakes and making out were highly influenced by the songs produced in the 2000's. Think Backstreet Boys, Blink-182 and a healthy dose of Nelly, that will give you a good idea of what to expect on Pop2K. You can always tell when a particularly influential jam comes on and the volume gets kicked up a few more notches. 

Our favourite part about walking in and turning on the radio is when Chimp Chris has been in the office last... we all know that he was the last to leave as we are welcomed with a blaring level of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and any of the latest hip-hop. At our Christmas Party Chris' Secret Santa found him the most perfect shirt that describes his love for rap music, "Rap Music Makes me Feel Invincible." Nice find Di!

Chimp Daniel will listen to whatever, he is happy just going with the flow. Just don't try and play country around him! (Sorry, Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton, I will have to wait until Boots and Hearts to listen to you). 

And then there's The Spectrum (Channel 28), even the word makes me cringe, sometimes you can just listen to one channel for so long, but at least it is Justin Bieber free!

Until next time, ENJOY!

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