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Canadian Superbowl Commericals

Jan 28, 2014

Master Chef Canada, the mere utterance of these three words induces shudders from NFL fans across The Great White North. For all those who are not yet aware of its existence, enjoy your final days of blissful ignorance as we approach Super Bowl XLVIII.
Is there anything particularly off putting about the program? Not really, it appears to be your run of the mill Canadian knockoff of a successful American show (see Canadian Idol, Amazing Race Canada etc.) But please trust me when I say, that by the end of your super bowl party on Sunday evening, Master Chef Canada will be a four-letter word in your home.
While our American neighbors sit back and enjoy an embarrassment of riches in the form of high concept, high budget Superbowl commercials, Canadians are left to suffer through endless parade of repetitive promotions for upcoming shows from that year’s carrier network (in this case CTV). Then subsequently watch Twitter blow up with references to hilarious ads they must wait to watch hours later on Youtube!
Is this a tradgedy? No. Will many of the commercials flop terribly and be instantly forgotten? Yes. But with a large number of emotionally un-invested once a year football fans watching, it certainly seems like a missed opportunity to engage an audience that for maybe the only time all year, is actually excited to intently watch TV commercials. Canadian advertisers, take note.
Now if you will excuse me, Master Chef Canada is about to start and they are making Tiramisu.

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